About MindBody Talent

Exceptional Talent Focused on You

MindBody Talent is a rare collaboration of seasoned professionals from the fields of Wellness, Health Sciences, Healthcare and Senior Living.

We blend our experiences from traditional western medicine, eastern health philosophies and native wisdom into a focus on Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine solutions.

Fuel for the Revolution

Our mission is to bring innovative approaches to proactive Lifecycle HealthTM in the fields of Healthcare and Wellness with the goal of fueling a long-overdue revolution in healthcare.

We deliver on that mission through executive and mid-level recruitment, candidate placement services, strategy consulting, branding and marketing, and technology solutions for Wellness practitioners and practices.

Our passion is to unite the best talent on the planet into the next generation of mind-body wellness solutions for the communities we serve.

Leveraged to Scale and Serve

We operate on a simple model … seasoned core leadership combined with a broad and deep network of global resources across every key function and specialty. Our proven model of leverage and collaboration enables us to scale to handle the most complex projects for the largest corporations, yet remain cost-effective and nimble enough to serve the smallest medical practices, wellness centers and senior living communities.

MindBody Talent Leadership

Robin Stewart

Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director
Practitioner Recruitment Services

Robin developed her passion for the Wellness Revolution and co-founded MindBody Talent based on over 20 years of senior-level recruiting, workforce optimization and operations experience in the fields of Hospitality, Resorts and Spas, Wellness, Healthcare and Insurance.

The common thread throughout her career was ultimate care for clients and recruitment candidates, as well as for the guests and patients they serve. That devotion to care evolved into her discovery of Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine as crucial paths to health, wellness and vitality. It also led to her commitment to make MindBody Talent the premier provider of fuel for the Wellness Revolution.

Rich Hoffmann

Co-founder, COO and Managing Director
Recruiting Business Development

Rich developed his passion for the Wellness Revolution and co-founded MindBody Talent based on over 25 years of technology solution creation, marketing, business development and alliance work in the fields of Healthcare, Life Sciences and Medical Research.

Serving as a patient advocate for three family members with terminal illnesses convinced Rich that there had to be a better way to prevent and treat complex diseases, as well as to enable Lifecycle Health. Robin introduced him to that better way through Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and her vision of MindBody Talent as fuel for the Revolution.