Careers in Root Cause Medicine

Turn your passion and purpose into a profession to elevate health care.

Careers with Purpose in Root Cause Medicine

Having a clear “Purpose” aligned with your career is one of
the eight key factors of optimum health. At MindBody Talent,
we’re masters at connecting careers with purpose in the root
cause fields of Functional, Integrative, and Personalized

Let’s connect yours.

Illustration of Optimum Health Factors
Professional Man and Woman presenting in front of a small audience

Career Alignment = Health Alignment

Navigating to success in root cause medicine is tricky business. This is not the conventional game of 15 minutes diagnoses and prescription pads. Real health care requires passion and patience for the detective work required to discover the root of chronic illnesses and complex diseases. It’s a hero’s journey. Align your career and practice with the root cause experts at MindBody Talent.

Schedule Your Free Career Consultation Session

Your complimentary, 1-hour “Career Consultation Session” is designed to help you align your career and your purpose within the fields of Functional, Integrative, and Personalized Medicine. MindBody Talent’s proprietary rubric for assessing essential credentials will serve as a useful framework for your career alignment.
A visual illustration of Root Cause Credential Rubric

Talent Evolved. Healthcare Elevated

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