Five Key Wellness Hiring Tips

We’re in a Candidate-Driven Market in the Wellness Industry

There are already way more medical practices hiring in the U.S. Wellness industry than there are qualified candidates to fill the roles. That’s only the beginning. One of our Five 2020 Wellness Predictions is that there will be a mass exodus of allopathic medical practitioners realigning themselves for Wellness specialities.

Top talent in this candidate-driven market are holding all the cards!

Navigating talented healthcare and wellness practitioners into their best roles in Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine requires expert knowledge, insight, connections and finesse.

Here are five tips to enable your practice to stand out…

  • Treat Your Candidates Like GOLD

Great candidates deliver so much more than just potential employment. Not only may they ultimately be influencing your culture as an employee, but they can become a great referral source for you, should this not be the right fit for them.  Always leave them knowing, no matter what, that they have great value to offer your practice or that of another. The golden rule must apply here. Positive referrals are some of the best sources for new candidates. If you keep them feeling like gold throughout the recruitment process, they will be more likely to refer colleagues to your company whether they are hired by you or not.

  • Be Diligent with Your Recruiting Timeline

Top talent are highly sought after and candidates will not stick around if weeks go by without moving the ball forward toward a decision.  Everyone’s time is valuable. This includes the way you communicate with them, as well as the timeliness of your replies. Do not leave them waiting and wondering where they stand in the recruiting process.  If you are waiting on something and don’t have anything new to share, send a quick email letting them know you haven’t forgotten them. Err on the side of over-communicating. If there are delays, let them know you are waiting for additional information and will get back with them soon.  You are looking for a Provider, they are looking for a new Employer. Licensure and necessary credentialing should be the longest part of the process, scheduling their next round of interviews should not. Keep the recruiting process tight … other practices and recruiters are calling them too!

  • Culture, Culture, Culture… Be Authentic and Share

Aggressively market the reasons why your practice is a great place to work. Utilize your “Careers” page to let them know what it’s like to work in your practice through curated storytelling. Let them discover your culture through your  messaging. Your Careers page needs to link to places where candidates can learn about your culture. Your current employees are your best resource for communicating your practice’s culture so, use that powerful content to attract top talent.  Adding videos or employee testimonials to your website is a great place to start. Create an employer brand that embraces your culture and strategy. Your job descriptions should have your values, brand and culture embedded in them. Be sure your Careers page links to places where candidates can learn about your culture. Engage Wellness-savvy marketing consultants like ours to help you polish up your cultural brand, as well as your job descriptions and pitched to candidates.

  • Quality of Work Life is Key

Your workplace must be FUN and your employees must feel VALUED. Incorporating a wellness program and a perks program beyond the typical PTO and retirement program, will yield huge returns and make it harder to jump ship when another offer comes along based solely on compensation.  Research the companies that make it on the “Best Places to Work” lists in your area and emulate their programs. Many of these perks have little or no cost, but go a long way toward boosting morale, strengthening culture and attracting the best candidates. Employees remain loyal when they feel valued beyond just their job roles.

  • Stay Proactive with Your Hiring Plans

Don’t wait until your hair is on fire and you need a practitioner in place YESTERDAY to reach out to a professional recruiter.  Our networks and outreach of top talent cannot be compared. Passing this responsibility to your Office Manager, Practice Manager, or another employee only adds to their workload and often times, burns up valuable time lost in finding qualified candidates.  Find a recruiter in your industry that has matching values to you and your practice and which you feel confident will represent the opportunity to prospective candidates in the best possible way. Job boards are fine and should definitely have a purpose but are too passive. Also, often the best candidates are not looking for jobs. They need to be found and recruited.  Your practice needs a much more proactive strategy to find this top talent that is currently in the driver’s seat.

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