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Standing Out in the Revolution

Differentiation in any industry is difficult. Standing out as a unique provider of Functional, Integrative or Lifestyle Medicine services is exponentially more complicated. In the rapidly evolving fields of healthcare and wellness, you need a brand and a platform that enables you to promote and propel your brand. You’ve invested heavily in the education and career specialties of your practice. Developing and promoting a strong brand will enable you to maximize your return on those investments.


Web Presence AuditsWeb Presence Audit Report

Since the internet is central to branding and the development of marketing platforms, MindBody Talent begins with a comprehensive diagnostic of your presence on the internet with our Web Presence Audit Report. This is a one-of-a-kind report that profiles seven key points of how your website and overall web presence is enabling either success or failure and risk for your Wellness practice.


Leverage Proven Experts

The principals of MindBody Talent have been successfully building brands, creating awareness and generating patient flow for the healthcare industry for decades. We’re skilled and passionate about transforming the state of health and wellness for our generation and the next. Engaging us or someone else in our field of expertise will enable you to build and grow the practice of your dreams. Just make sure you choose experts who understand the nuances of Functional and Integrative Medicine, in addition to the complexities of crafting brands and developing platforms for professionals like you who are seeking to make your unique dent in the Wellness universe.


Read our thought-leadership articles entited, “Building a Great Wellness Brand” and “Building Great Web Presence” … and then engage us to help you build yours.

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Seasoned Branding and Marketing Leadership

MindBody Talent’s Branding and Marketing team is led and directed by our co-founder and Strategic Solutions Officer, Rich Hoffmann. With more than 20 years of Silicon Valley training, Rich and his teams have tackled some of the most difficult marketing challenges across a dozen industry sectors throughout Europe and North America. In addition to expert brand-building and marketing, the resources of MindBody Talent have been building award-winning websites and digital marketing strategies since the earliest days of the internet.

Rich Hoffmann

Co-founder, COO and Managing Director
Strategic Solutions Practice

Rich developed his passion for the Wellness Revolution and co-founded MindBody Talent based on over 25 years of technology solution creation, marketing, business development and alliance work in the fields of Healthcare, Life Sciences and Medical Research.

Serving as a patient advocate for three family members with terminal illnesses convinced Rich that there had to be a better way to prevent and treat complex diseases, as well as to enable Lifecycle Health. Robin introduced him to that better way through Functional and Integrative Medicine and her vision of MindBody Talent as fuel for the Revolution.