Partnership for First Functional Medicine Practice Franchise

Joint Venture to Revolutionize American Health and Wellness Services
May 7, 2020 7:00 AM CST
Centennial, Colorado and St. Louis, Missouri – Novis Health and MindBody Talent today announced a strategic partnership focused on recruiting and integrating qualified healthcare professionals into the innovative Novis Health model of franchising the development of Functional Medicine healthcare practices across the United States. Working closely with a network of medical practice service providers and franchising experts, Novis Health has created the first franchise model of its kind in North America.

Focus on Proliferating Functional Medicine Services

The companies aim to proliferate much-needed Functional Medicine services through individual healthcare practices and area development strategies in key target areas across the U.S. The Novis Health Blueprint is based on successful practice prototypes in South Carolina and Colorado. The unique franchise model will enable rapid practice start-ups or conversions of existing practices in a consistent delivery methodology that focuses on the highest quality of patient care.


A Return to the Roots of Optimum Health Management

“Functional Medicine” is the field of health care focused on treating complex diseases, chronic health problems and promoting healthy living by focusing on the root causes of illness and the biological foundations of good health. Practitioners of Functional Medicine provide a holistic system alternative to the conventional allopathic medicine approach of diagnosing symptoms and prescribing pharmaceutical products or surgeries that has dominated the American healthcare system since the 1950’s.
In her landmark book, “A Nation of Unwell – What’s Gone Wrong”, Dr. Kristine Gedroic, MD equates the allopathic approach that she and other practitioners learn in conventional medical schools to “masking root causes and unplugging the smoke alarm while underlying fires of illness burn uncontrolled”.  In contrast, the Functional Medicine field facilitated by the Novis Health and MindBody Talent partnership seeks to transform U.S. healthcare from the illness focus that is perpetuated by conventional medicine to the wellness focus facilitated by Functional Medicine practitioners. A rising wave of patients, caregivers and healthcare practitioners are also seeking that transformation.


A Rising Tide of Interest and Need

According to the 2020 Industry Report of Functional, Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine, the healthcare fields commonly referred to as Functional, Integrative or Lifestyle Medicine are estimated to become an $89 billion industry in 2020, growing six times from its level of $14.7 billion in 2012. Patients and their caregivers are displaying a rising hunger for alternatives to allopathic medicine and the negative consequences of pharmaceutical-centric health care.
The 2020 Industry Report found a 5000% increase in Google searches for integrative care over the last five years. The Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine reports a 2,200-patient waitlist. The University of California at San Francisco Osher Clinic sees 10,300 patients annually and reports a four-month waitlist for services. The Report predicts that there will be over a million Integrative Medicine practitioners in the U.S. in 2020. Medical schools and credentialing boards are scrambling to enhance Functional Medicine education and board certifications.

Unique Franchise Model Benefits Patients and Practitioners

Novis Health is addressing the explosion in demand for Functional Medicine solutions through its delivery of a turnkey healthcare franchise model that gets practices up and running quickly, as well as economically for both patients and practitioners. The Novis Health Blueprint surrounds healthcare practitioners with everything they need to ramp up new practices or convert existing practices into high performance centers for patient care.
Doctors and advanced care providers should not have to worry about sorting through the hundreds of details involved with starting, ramping and running their practices”, explains Dr. Ryan Valencic, CEO of Novis Health. “Healthcare practitioners want to spend as much of their time as possible with patients. That’s where their patients need them to focus their time and energies as well. The Novis Health model enables the management of high-performance healthcare practices that are able to optimize patient-facing time, to the benefit of patients and practitioners alike. Our model delivers healthcare that is both highly effective and highly accessible for patients.
More efficient practice management enables practitioners to devote their time and attention to the hallmark of the Functional Medicine discipline – getting to the root causes of what is making people sick and facilitating reversals in the disease process. Enhancing quality time with patients enables treating the whole person … nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, rather than just the disease they’ve been labeled with by the conventional medicine approach.
Novis Health has chosen an initial focus on the areas of hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, immune system management and whole food nutrition because those tend to be linchpins in the process of serious disease management, recovery from chronic illness and identifying pathways to healthy living.

Talented Professionals are the Key to Growth

Novis Health’s partnership with MindBody Talent was created to source, recruit and integrate top Functional Medicine practitioners and administrative personnel into Novis Health practices.
Our plans for growth are based on finding and recruiting the best physicians, advanced care providers and administrators in the country”, explained Dr. Valencic. “MindBody Talent shares our vision, as well as a commitment to our aggressive growth plans. They have exactly the right skills, experience and knowledge in our field to keep our practices supplied with key talent.”
MindBody Talent’s principals agree. “We founded MindBody Talent with a driving passion to return our country to a state of wellness and vitality”, explained Robin Stewart, CEO and Managing Director of MindBody Talent’s Recruitment and Placement practice. “We recognized that same passion in the mission of Novis Health. Our partnership creates a perfect synergy in supporting practices and practitioners who serve on the front lines of the long overdue Healthcare Revolution that is sorely needed across America.”
In addition to recruitment services, MindBody Talent will support Novis Health practices with a baseline of consistent training, personnel on-boarding and operational readiness services. Depending on the needs of individual practices, MindBody Talent’s service lines can be activated individually or in combination to fuel the effectiveness of Novis Health practices and the growth of patient panels for practitioners. The range of MindBody Talent’s plug-and-play services include:
Senior and Mid-Level Recruitment
Education, Training and Coaching
Strategic Management Consulting
Wellness Branding and Marketing
Smart-Practice Technology Solutions


Connecting with Novis Health

Practice Professionals: Qualified Functional Medicine practitioners and practice administrators who are interested in learning more about practice positions and franchise opportunities, contact Robin Stewart at or 310-890-7489.
Patients and Caregivers: Patients, patient advocates and caregivers who are interested in learning of Novis Health practices coming to your area, contact Dr. Ryan Valencic at or 814-233-9387.


About Novis Health

Challenging the Health Care Status Quo. Novis Health has created the first Functional Medicine franchise model in North America.  Grounded in the discipline of Functional Medicine and focused on the key linchpins of optimum health, Novis Health is rapidly growing a nationwide model for health care that is revolutionizing how patient conditions are evaluated, assessed and treated. Specialties in the cardinal areas of hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, immune system management and whole food nutrition ensure that patients receive effective recovery and pathways to optimum health that last. Our franchise Blueprint enables our wisdom and successful practices to be shared and scaled across the United States with a consistent high-quality level of patient care.


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About MindBody Talent

MindBody Talent is a rare collaboration of seasoned professionals from the fields of Healthcare, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Wellness and Senior Living. Through a platform of integrated services, we blend our experiences in traditional western medicine, eastern health philosophies and native wisdom into a focus on Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine problem-solving. Our client base and talent pools include a nationwide network of Wellness industry practitioners, medical practices, hospitals, wellness centers and forward-leaning senior living communities. Our driving passion is to unite the best talent on the planet into the next generation of Mind-Body Wellness for the communities we serve.


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