Health and Wellness Referral Program

Pass It On and Help Fuel the Healthcare Revolution

We’re building the most powerful network of Health and Wellness practices and practitioners in the country. When you refer a colleague or practice to MindBody Talent, you’re fueling the much-needed revolution in healthcare. But doing good has other advantages …


You’ll immediately receive a highly coveted MindBody Talent Hydro Flask to hold the super-fuel of your choice. Then, you’ll also receive 5% of any revenue generated from that referral over the following twelve (12) months. You can choose to receive the 5% referral bonus in the form of a check or as a donation in your name to your favorite charity.

Simply complete the following referral form with the name, specialties and contact information of your colleague in the field of Functional and Integrative Medicine.  As soon as we make contact with them, your MindBody Talent Hydro Flask will be on its way as our token of appreciation.