Strategic Management Consulting

Vision and Experience for the Revolution

The most successful organizations actively maintain two essential things in balance:

Vision – The ability to see things that the market doesn’t yet see. That includes problems that people don’t recognize as “problems” and solutions that they don’t necessarily know that they want or need yet.

Market Input – The willingness and ability to listen to what the market is saying it perceives as wants and needs.

If your hospital, medical practice, wellness center or corporate wellness program relies too heavily on vision alone, you may be too far ahead of the market. You may also miss the needs and nuances of what the market thinks it wants and needs right now.

If you rely too heavily on market input, then you’ll miss the things that the market doesn’t yet envision that it wants and needs. Customers generally are not very creative or prescient about what they want and need, especially in terms of new health innovations and technology solutions.

To be optimally successful in today’s field of health care, wellness practice and corporate program leaders must carefully balance vision with market input.

Co-Leaders, Common Passion

MindBody Talent’s Strategic Management Consulting services team is co-led and directed by our founders, Robin Stewart and Rich Hoffmann. Their collective histories in operational senior management, strategic navigation and organizational collaboration create a powerful ability to help navigate clients through the delicate balance of “Vision” and “Market Input”. MindBody Talent consulting engagements are each designed to  guide client organizations through the rapidly-evolving and complex markets of Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine, Lifecycle HealthTM and Wellness.

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Robin Stewart

Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director
Health and Wellness Practice

Robin developed her passion for the Wellness Revolution and co-founded MindBody Talent based on over 20 years of senior-level recruiting, workforce optimization and operations experience in the fields of Hospitality, Resorts and Spas, Wellness, Healthcare and Insurance.

The common thread throughout her career was ultimate care for clients and recruitment candidates, as well as the guests and patients they serve. That devotion to care evolved into her discovery of Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine as the crucial path to health, wellness and vitality. It also led to her commitment to make MindBody Talent the premier provider of fuel for the Wellness Revolution.

Rich Hoffmann

Co-founder, COO and Managing Director
Strategic Solutions Practice

Rich developed his passion for the Wellness Revolution and co-founded MindBody Talent based on over 25 years of Silicon Valley training and experiences in technology solution creation, marketing, business development and alliance work in the fields of Healthcare, Life Sciences and Medical Research.

Serving as a patient advocate for three family members with terminal illnesses convinced Rich that there had to be a better way to prevent and treat complex diseases, as well as to enable Lifecycle Health. Robin introduced him to that better way through Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and her vision of MindBody Talent as fuel for the Revolution.