The MindBody Talent Story

Turning our passion and purpose into a profession to elevate health care.

When Vision Meets Market Need

Robin Stewart and Rich Hoffmann knew they wanted to create a company to address major dysfunction in the U.S. healthcare industry. They both tapped their core strengths: Robin with a successful 25-year recruitment history, and Rich with decades of Silicon Valley business development and team collaboration experience.

MindBody Talent was born in the spring of 2019 with a laser focus on recruiting health care professionals in the fields of Functional, Integrative, and Personalized Medicine.

Practice-by-practice, clinician-by-clinician, MindBody Talent is serving its mission of transforming health care in collaboration with phenomenal practices and skilled practitioners nationwide.

Tens of thousands of patients have already benefited from these collaborations. Let’s impact yours.

Two professional man and woman strategizing

Talent Evolved. Healthcare Elevated

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