Personalized Medicine Recruiter

Leverage the MBT Method of precision recruitment.  Find outstanding people to achieve your practice goals and serve your patients with elevated care.

Five Seamless Steps to Exceptional Practice Talent

Your MindBody Talent team will navigate you and your practice to talent that meets your exact strategic, cultural, and growth goals.
Visual illustration of MBT recruitment flow
Visual illustration of MBT strategic sourcing

Profiling Your Talent Wants and Needs

Practice Needs Discovery

This is all about you. As you do with your patients and clients, our comprehensive diagnostic intake process explores the full range of your needs for additional or replacement talent in your practice.

Ideal Candidate Profile

From the intake process and any available job descriptions, we build a profile of your ideal candidate … education, clinical experience, personality, and cultural fit.

Marketing the Opportunity

We anchor the intake profile in your plans for strategic growth, clinical coverage, and practice expansion.

Engaging the MBT Recruitment Engine

Sourcing and Interviewing

MindBody Talent invests heavily in continually growing our own database of expert Functional, Integrative, and Personalized Medicine professionals. We also make major investment is sourcing technologies to arm our team with the most innovative ways to find both active and passive candidates (those people not looking for jobs).

Then our recruiters engage in the daunting and often laborious detective work of locating, engaging, interviewing, and vetting candidates to match your exact talent needs.

Visual illustration of MBT recruiting process
Illustration of MBT onboarding transition support

Integrating Talent into Your Culture

Transition and On-Boarding

With MindBody Talent, the recruitment process isn’t done simply when offer letters are signed. Our teams continue to work with yours to ensure that your new employee enters your culture and workflow prepared for the success that you want and need to support your patients, as well as the business of your practice.

Talent Evolved. Healthcare Elevated

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