Smart-Practice Technology Solutions

Technology for the Revolution

Technology has always moved at a rapid pace, but nowhere with the speed, impact and implications for the lives of people than in the fields of healthcare and wellness. At MindBody Talent, technology innovation flows through our bloodstream.  We understand that any corporate problem can be addressed through the application of five core domains: People, Processes, Information, Technology and Collaboration. Each domain is represented within the service lines of MindBody Talent and technology is an essential enabler within each of them.


Lifecycle Technology for Lifecycle HealthTM

As MindBody Talent clients grow and evolve their practices to address the Lifecycle Health needs of their clients, our Smart-Practice Technology Solutions team stands ready to find and implement the innovations that keep our clients on the cutting edge of wellness solutions.


Technology Innovation Leadership

MindBody Talent’s Technology Solutions team is led and directed by our co-founder and Strategic Solutions Officer, Rich Hoffmann. With more than 20 years of Silicon Valley technology solution experience, Rich and his teams have designed, developed and implemented solutions for some of the most complex business challenges across a dozen industry sectors throughout Europe and North America. Rich leads the MindBody practice designed to source, select, implement, integrate and enable effective adoption for clients seeking better practice efficiency, effectiveness and innovation to improve the lives of their patients.

Rich Hoffmann

Co-founder, COO and Managing Director
Strategic Solutions Practice

Rich developed his passion for the Wellness Revolution and co-founded MindBody Talent based on over 25 years of technology solution creation, marketing, business development and alliance work in the fields of Healthcare, Life Sciences and Medical Research.

Serving as a patient advocate for three family members with terminal illnesses convinced Rich that there had to be a better way to prevent and treat complex diseases, as well as to enable Lifecycle Health. Robin introduced him to that better way through Functional and Integrative Medicine and her vision of MindBody Talent as fuel for the Revolution.