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Expert Navigation for the Revolution

Navigating talented healthcare and wellness practitioners into their best roles in Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine requires expert knowledge, insight and finesse. The fields of employee recruitment and placement in the Wellness community are not like the traditional healthcare industry rodeo. Arriving at true healing and recovery for patients with complex diseases and chronic illnesses requires practitioners and wellness practices that have the patience, curiosity, and tenacity to find the root of patient problems … regardless of what it takes.


Whole Person Talent Matching

MindBody Talent ensures that we deeply understand far more that just the unique skill sets of placement candidates. We work to understand the whole person … their likes and dislikes, hobbies, family responsibilities, career philosophies and life philosophies. When we place a candidate in a new role, we know that they are the best talent addition for that wellness practice and vice versa.


Expert Candidate Placement Services

MindBody Talent’s Candidate Placement Services team is led and directed by our co-founder and CEO, Robin Stewart. Throughout her twenty years of operational management and leadership, Robin developed proven methodologies for matching the best talented individuals to their best career roles.  Her in-depth knowledge, relentless research and innate curiosity about the fields of Functional, Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine have already made her one of the leading authorities on hiring and getting hired in these complex markets. She passes that experience and wisdom onto her team by deeply understanding the needs of each client and candidate project, setting very high standards for exceptional knowledge transfer and personally providing direction on every candidate placement.

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Robin Stewart

Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director
Health and Wellness Practice

Robin developed her passion for the Wellness Revolution and co-founded MindBody Talent based on over 20 years of senior-level recruiting, workforce optimization and operations experience in the fields of Hospitality, Resorts and Spas, Wellness, Healthcare and Insurance.

The common thread throughout her career was ultimate care for clients and recruitment candidates, as well as the guests and patients they serve. That devotion to care evolved into her discovery of Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine as the crucial paths to health, wellness and vitality. It also led to her commitment to make MindBody Talent the premier provider of fuel for the Wellness Revolution.